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Sustainable Lifestyle

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Green Goes with Everything - Sloan Barnett
Call Number: RA 770 .B37 2011
ISBN: 9781451646177
A mother of three, a dedicated consumer advocate, Sloan gives us a fast, simple, down-to-earth primer on the ways our homes are making us sick, and what we can all do to transform them into the safe sanctuaries we want and need them to be.

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The Healthy Home - Dave Wentz; Myron Wentz
Call Number: RA 770.5 .W46 2011
ISBN: 9781593156886
Father-and-son team Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz walk readers room-by-room through a typical house, pointing out the surprising health risks posed by the everyday products and behaviors of any modern family.

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Don't Throw It Out - Lori Baird; Yankee Magazine Staff
Call Number: TX 303 .B35 2007b
ISBN: 1594865779
What should you recycle, renew, and reuse? Practically everything! These savvy secrets help you make the most of your purchases-and your money-by making things last longer and work better.

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Eco Craft - Susan Wasinger
Call Number: TT 157 .W3567 2011
ISBN: 9781600598234
These days we're all seeking creative ways to protect our planet. "Eco Craft" delivers the goods in style with 30 truly beautiful home decor projects that elevate environmental consciousness to inspiring new heights.

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Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century - Dick Strawbridge; James Strawbridge
Call Number: GF 78 .S77 2010
ISBN: 9780756663209
Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century brings the subject up to date by showing how to live a more sustainable life that everyone can access, whether living in the city, the suburbs, or the country. Sharing their experiences, tips, and techniques, father-and-son team Dick and James Strawbridge show how to make the practical changes that will have a big impact on your life-without having to transform your lifestyle.


Sustainability Issues/Solutions

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The Secret Life of Stuff - Julie Hill
Call Number: HB 820 .H55 2011
ISBN: 9780099546580
Our use of the Earth's resources - whether a snack packet or a cargo ship, a T-shirt or a wind turbine - has an inescapable impact on the future.

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Overcrowded World - Rainer Münz; Albert Reiterer
Call Number: HB 871 .M874
ISBN: 9781906598105
Roughly 6.6 billion people live on our planet. By 2050 there will be 9 billion. Population growth mainly occurs in rapidly developing nations, but can we sustain it? How will the power shift? This book explains the causes and effects of population growth and the effect of aging populations in the Western world.

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The Sustainability Revolution - Andres R. Edwards
Call Number: HC 79 .E5 E327 2005
ISBN: 9780865715318
Sustainability has become a buzzword in the last decade, but its full meaning is complex, emerging from a range of different sectors. In practice, it has become the springboard for millions of individuals throughout the world who are forging the fastest and most profound social transformation of our time—the sustainability revolution.


Ocean Health

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Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain's Chance Discovery Launched a Quest to Save the Oceans - Charles Moore; Cassandra Phillips
Call Number: SUSTAINABILITY GC 1085 .M67 2011
ISBN: 9781583334249
Moore recounts his ominous findings and unveils the secret life and hidden properties of plastics. From milk jugs to polymer molecules small enough to penetrate human skin or be unknowingly inhaled, plastic is now suspected of contributing to a host of ailments including infertility, autism, thyroid dysfunction, and some cancers.

Cover Art
Black Tide - Antonia Juhasz
Call Number: GC 1221 .J85 2011
ISBN: 9780470943373
It was the largest oil disaster in American history, and it could happen again. It is more than a story of ruined beaches, dead wildlife, corporate spin, political machinations, and financial fallout. It is a riveting human drama filled with people whose lives will forever be defined as "before" and "after the gulf oil disaster."


Sustainability in Business

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The Green Scorecard - Patricia Pulliam Phillips
Call Number: HD 30.255 .P48 2011
ISBN: 9781857885545
Measuring the return on investment in sustainability initiatives

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The Green to Gold Business Playbook - Daniel Esty
Call Number: HD 30.255 .E883 2011
ISBN: 9780470590751
How to implement sustainability practices for bottom-line results in every business function

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A Simple Path to Sustainability
Call Number: HD 2341 .S553 2011
ISBN: 9780313382697
Green business strategies for small and medium-sized businesses

Cover Art
Street Smart Sustainability - David Mager
Call Number: HD 30.255 .M327 2010
ISBN: 9781605094656
The entrepreneur's guide to profitably greening your organization's DNA

Cover Art
Getting Green Done: Hard Truths From the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution - Auden Schendler
Call Number: HC 79 .E5 S2826 2009
ISBN: 9781586486372

Cover Art
Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts - Marc J. Epstein
Call Number: HD 60 .E67 2008
ISBN: 9781576754863


Sustainable Food

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The Locavore Way - Amy Cotler
Call Number: HD 90005 .C67 2009
ISBN: 9781603424530
Find out all the benefits of being a Locavore! Amy Cotler shares all her secrets for sourcing and using the best that your community has to offer.

Cover Art
The Real Cost of Cheap Food - Michael Carolan
Call Number: HD 9000.5 .C258 2011
ISBN: 9781849713214
A must read for anyone truly interested in understanding our impaired food system and what we need to do to redesign it.

Cover Art
The Coming Famine - Julian Cribb
Call Number: HD 9000.5 .C715 2010
ISBN: 9780520271234
Julian Cribb lays out a vivid picture of impending planetary crisis - a global food shortage that threatens to hit by mid-century. "The Coming Famine" offers a strong and positive call to action, exploring the greatest issue of our age and providing practical suggestions for addressing each of the major challenges it raises.

Cover Art
A Sustainability Challenge - Committee on Food Security for All as a Sustainability Challenge; National Research Council
Call Number: HD 9000 .N3 2012
ISBN: 9780309222631

Cover Art
Cultivating Food Justice - Alison Hope Alkon; Julian Agyeman (Eds.)
Call Number: HD 9005 .C88 2011
ISBN: 9780262516327
A growing food movement urges us to support sustainable agriculture by eating fresh food produced on local family farms. But many low-income neighborhoods and communities of color have been systematically deprived of access to healthy and sustainable foods.
The diverse accounts of the relationships among food, environmentalism, justice, race, and identity will help guide efforts to achieve a just and sustainable agriculture.

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Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food - Leslie A. Duram (Editor)
Call Number: HD 9005 .E645 2011
ISBN: 9780803236257
"Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food" pulls together a fascinating array of diverse, interdisciplinary topics to provide a thorough overview of our current alternative food system.

Cover Art
Food Security - Kathy Wilson Peacock; Mary K. Hendrickson (Foreword by)
Call Number: HD 9000.5 .P2857 2012
ISBN: 9780816082032
Countries across the world are battling souring food prices, food-borne illnesses, food storages, and the detrimental effects of certain farming and manufacturing practices on health, nutrition, and the environment.
"Food Security" defines the titular term along with it's three pillars: availability, access, and nutrition.

Cover Art
Closing the Food Gap - Mark Winne
Call Number: HC 110 . P6 W53 2009
ISBN: 9780807047316
"Closing the Food Gap" Exposes America's Dangerous dietary split: from patron of food pantries, bodegas, and convenience stores to the more comfortable classes who increasingly see out organic and local products.

Cover Art
Kitchen Table Sustainability - Wendy Sarkissian; Steph Vajda; Nancy Hofer; Yollana Shore; Cathy Wilkinson; Peter Newman (Foreword by); A. Barrie Pittock
Call Number: HN 49 .C6 S27 2009
ISBN: 9781844076147
A unique view of sustainability through the lens of community engagement, taking sustainability out of the ivory towers of universities, government departments and planners to the kitchen tables of the world. This practical guide distills decades of wisdom from community planning, engagement and sustainability practice internationally into a user-friendly and engaging book.


Water Crisis

Cover Art
Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's Water Crisis - Cynthia Barnett
Call Number: TD 223 .B37 2011
ISBN: 0807003174
Americans see water as abundant and cheap: we turn on the faucet and out it gushes, for less than a penny a gallon. We use more water than any other culture in the world, much to quench what’s now our largest crop—the lawn. Yet most Americans cannot name the river or aquifer that flows to our taps, irrigates our food, and produces our electricity. And most don’t realize these freshwater sources are in deep trouble.

Cover Art
Precious Commodity - Martin V. Melosi
Call Number: TD 223 .M44 2011
ISBN: 9780822961413
As an essential resource, water has been the object of warfare, political wrangling, and individual and corporate abuse. It has also become an object of commodification, with multinational corporations vying for water supply contracts in many countries. Martin V. Melosi examines water resources in the United States and addresses whether access to water is an inalienable right of citizens, and if government is responsible for its distribution as a public good.

Cover Art
The World's Water 2011-2012 - Peter H. Gleick
Call Number: SUSTAINABILITY TD 345 .G633 2012
ISBN: 9781597269995
Produced biennially, "The World's Water" is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information and analysis on freshwater resources.

Cover Art
Elixir - Brian Fagan
Call Number: GB 671 .F34 2011
ISBN: 9781608193370
Fagan relates how every human society has been shaped by its relationship to our most essential resource. This sweeping narrative moves across the world, from ancient Greece and Rome, whose mighty aqueducts still supply modern cities, to China, where emperors marshaled armies of laborers in a centuries-long struggle to tame powerful rivers. As the earth’s population approaches nine billion and ancient aquifers run dry, we once again remember the importance of this vital resource.

Cover Art
Water - Antoine Frérot
Call Number: HD 1691 .F74 2011
ISBN: 9781584659877
Clean, fresh drinking water is essential to human and animal life. It's equally important to the world economy: it functions as a universal solvent, makes possible industrial cooling and transportation, and is necessary for all kinds of agriculture. We have the political, economic, and scientific means to ensure the future of water on earth: we need only the will to take action.

Cover Art
Unquenchable - Robert Jerome Glennon
Call Number: TD 223 .G578 2009
ISBN: 9781597264365
America's water crisis and what to do about it

Cover Art
A World Without Ice - Henry N. Pollack
Call Number: GB 2405 .P55 2009
ISBN: 9781583333570
Examines the effects of global warming by looking carefully at the potential consequences of a world without ice. The author traces the effect of mountain glaciers on supplies of drinking water and agricultural irrigation, as well as the current results of melting permafrost and shrinking Arctic sea ice.

Cover Art
Dry Spring - Chris Wood
Call Number: TD 222 .W65 2008
ISBN: 9781551928142
The coming water crisis of North America

Gale Virtual Reference Library On-Line Books

  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability - Vol. 1
    Examines the ways in which religious ideas, beliefs, and practices have both promoted sustainability and served as roadblocks.
  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability - Vol. 2
    Explores how sustainability is being factored into industries across the globe.
  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability - Vol. 3
    Explores efforts made to address pressing environmental concerns through legislation, conventions, directives, treaties, and protocols.
  • From Green Industries to Green Jobs
    Presents occupational profiles, alongside overviews of the green job that cover such details as, what job it is most similar to, what skills are required to perform the job, and what a typical day in the life of that job is like.
  • Environmental Encyclopedia
    Provides in-depth, worldwide coverage of environmental issues. Each article is written in a nontechnical style and provides current status, analysis, and suggested solutions whenever possible.
  • Energy Production and Alternative Energy
    Explores in detail the range of current and impending challenges the planet faces as a result of global warming. Examines these issues from a variety of expert perspectives, highlights key future challenges, and addresses the pros and cons of potential solutions. This volume focuses on energy production and alternative energy.

Green Business

Cover Art
Start Your Own Green Business - Rich Mintzer
Call Number: HD 9999 .G772 2009
ISBN: 9781599183398
Discover how to establish your business as a green business-starting at the ground level, and starting now!

Cover Art
Starting Green - Glenn E. Croston
Call Number: HD 9999 .G772 C77 2009
ISBN: 9781599183558
Green entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Glenn Croston outlines green business essentials and helps you uncover eco-friendly opportunities, build a sustainable business plan, and gain the competitive advantage in today's environmentally mindful market.

Cover Art
The New Rules of Green Marketing - Jacquelyn Ottman
Call Number: HF 5413 .O78 2011
ISBN: 9781605098661
Green products have been around since the 1970s, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve become ubiquitous. It’s not because consumers suddenly prize sustainability above all. It’s because savvy green marketers are no longer trying to “sell the earth”—instead they’re promoting the value their products provide: better health, superior performance, good taste, cost-effectiveness, or simply convenience.

Cover Art
Green Business Basics - Nick Dallas
Call Number: QC 981.8 .G56 D34 2009
ISBN: 9780071603577
As environmental issues become more pressing, businesses must find ways to conserve energy-saving on expenses and improving their bottom line.


Literature and the Environment

Cover Art
Green Movement Poets
Call Number: PN 1065 .G74 2012
ISBN: 9781429836517
Profiles the lives, achievements, and important works of major poets in the Green Movement

Cover Art
The Thoreau You Don't Know - Robert Sullivan
Call Number: PS 3053 .S87
ISBN: 9780061710322
In this delightfully engaging book, Robert Sullivan gives us the Thoreau we don't know: the gregarious adventurer, the guy who liked to go camping with friends (even if they sometimes accidentally burned the woods down).

Cover Art
Sand County Almanac - Aldo Leopold
Call Number: QH 81 .L56 1970
ISBN: 0345345053
This book has enthralled generations of nature lovers and conservationists and is indeed revered by everyone seriously interested in protecting the natural world. It is perhaps the finest example of nature writing since Thoreau's Walden.



Cover Art
Green Is the New Red - Will Potter
Call Number: GE 197 .P68 2011
ISBN: 9780872865389
At a time when everyone is going green, most people are unaware that the FBI is using anti-terrorism resources to target environmentalists. Here is a guided tour into an underground world of radical activism and an introduction to the shadowy figures behind the headlines. But here also is the story of how everyday people are prevented from speaking up for what they believe in. Like the Red Scare, this "Green Scare" is about fear and intimidation, and Will Potter outlines the political, legal, and public relations strategies that threaten even acts of nonviolent civil disobedience with the label of "eco-terrorism."

Cover Art
Green Politics - Dustin Mulvaney (Editor)
Call Number: SUSTAINABILITY GE 170 .G733 2011
ISBN: 9781412996792
An A-to-Z Guide

Cover Art
Green Planet Blues, 4th ed.
Call Number: HC 79 .E5 G6916 2010
ISBN: 9780813344119
Examines global environmental politics from a range of perspectives.

Cover Art
Climate Capitalism - L. Hunter Lovins; Boyd Cohen
Call Number: HC 79 .E5 L67 2011
ISBN: 9780809034734
Capitalism in the age of climage change


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